16 Maart 2017 - ING Auditorium - Antwerpen

Gratis themadag rond data privacy/protectie

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About NILS

One-stop-solution for support on investigations, litigations and disputes

The Network for Investigation and Litigation Support (NILS) is a cooperative association of highly specialized niche offices.

The execution and resolution of investigations, litigations and disputes in full compliance with regulations and best practices are complex matters that require the input from different areas of expertise and the use of advanced technologies.

NILS offers a single point of contact for support coordination, at the right time and with one contract and rate for all. You can call upon NILS in a reactive mode and/or to assist with the implementation of preventative measures.

Fields of expertise


Our participating lawyer offices are specialized in the following legal areas: employment, company, tax, IP, IT, data protection, liability, insurance, criminal and environmental law.

Forensic Audit

Our participating forensic audit offices are specialized in the following areas: investigations, interviews, computer forensics and eDiscovery

Risk Analytics

Our participating analytics offices are specialized in the development of preventative, detective and reactive solutions to extract, validate, analyse, enrich and monitor data

Cyber Security

Our participating offices are specialized in solutions to protect computers, networks, programs & data from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction