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Cadanz Law

Cadanz is a Brussels based independent law firm specialized in corporate, commercial and financial law.

Key differentiators

Cadanz Law is an entrepreneurial law firm offering high quality legal services in a straightforward manner, in often complex matters. The specialist experience and know-how of the Cadanz lawyers, embedded in a “lean and mean” structure, form the basis of the satisfaction of our clients.

We are committed to deliver sound and pragmatic legal advice: short, quick and to the point; more elaborated if needed or required.

We strive to help clients identify and focus on the relevant legal issues and provide the legal input they need to take the proper business decision.


On top of the experience within in Cadanz, all partners at Cadanz have gained ample experience at prominent domestic and international law firms in Brussels.

We bridge the expectation gap between client and lawyer: Cadanz lawyers all have proven in-house experience which allows them to step into the shoes of the client and adopt the approach that works both from a legal and a business perspective without compromising on the quality of the legal advice.

Some examples of services

Cadanz is ideally placed for the following client needs:

  • Service international companies on a variety of corporate and commercial law issues, where the international reach of global law firms will not be of added value to the client; and
  • Conflict solving among shareholders, or between shareholders and the board/management; and
  • Assessment and risk-analysis of liability of company directors and assistance of both the company and the directors with regard to liability claims; and
  • Assist enterprises, financial institutions, private equity houses or private shareholders on mid-size investment or divestment transactions; and
  • Assist enterprises in commercial and corporate litigation before courts and arbitral colleges.

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