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LDR is a niche law firm specialized in environmental law

LDR is Flanders’ largest lawyer firm active in the field of environmental and spatial planning law, together referred to as environmental law. LDR is characterised by a specific combination of a practice-oriented and scientific approach of the most varied themes relating to environmental law. From its induction in 1997, the law firm has gained a reputation for its pragmatic approach to various types of legal proceedings and extrajudicial procedures, but also thanks to its scientific activities in close collaboration with several university institutions as well as its scientific publications, legislation projects and policy-supporting studies. Throughout the years, LDR received many awards in recognition of its groundbreaking pioneering work in the subject of environmental law.

Key differentiators

Scientific approach

LDR acts in close association with several university institutions.

Interdisciplinary approach

As environmental law (a combination of environmental, climate, energy and spatial planning law) is a particularly technical legal discipline, LDR calls upon experts from numerous branches of science.

Attention to the role of the lawyer as ‘environmental policy actor’

'Flemish Environmental Law Association' (VVOR) has been established by Isabelle Larmuseau on 18 May 2006, in order to encourage the debate on all legal matters that concern the planning and protection of the human living environment (see

Attention to Europe and the world

LDR does not restrict itself to federal and regional environmental issues, but permanently pays attention to environmental (legal) developments in the European Union and in the world. This knowledge of European and international environmental law is highly valuable in dealing with local environmental files.

Attention to ongoing acquisition and transfer of knowledge

LDR has developed its own digital environmental data base, which is updated on a daily basis with information about legislation, administration of justice, legal doctrine and environmental issues.

Attention to high-quality services

Attention to professional deontology

All cases are carefully screened before they are accepted by the law firm.

Some examples of services

The environmental law subdivision of the environmental team is led by Isabelle Larmuseau, Peter De Smedt and Tom Malfait. The spatial planning law subdivision of the environmental team is led by Pieter-Jan Defoort, Laurent Proot, Robin Slabbinck, Eva De Witte and Karolien Beké.

They deal with the most diverse issues relating to the environment and having to do with administrative law (administrative appeal procedures with the authorities, legal proceedings before the Council of State and the Constitutional Court), civil or criminal law (legal proceedings before civil courts and courts dealing with minor offences as well as with courts of appeal), tax law (administrative appeal procedures with the authorities and legal proceedings before tax sections of courts and courts of appeal) and European law (legal proceedings before the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights).

Next to providing support to individuals for specific problems and projects, the firm also realizes legislation projects and policy-supporting studies. In addition, it provides assistance for the drawing up of due diligence reports within the context of company take-overs. In the same context, the firm offers all possible facilities for the use of its office spaces and infrastructure as a data room.

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