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Waeterinckx Advocaten

Waeterinckx Advocaten is a boutique firm in (business) criminal law

Business criminal law: legal protection against fraud and criminal liability for businesses

In today’s fast-moving international business environment, the importance of having the right protection against criminal fraud and offences is high. All companies face the constant risk of becoming a target of fraud, or of even becoming criminally liable for their managers’ and employees’ actions. They need to protect themselves as fully as possible against these dangers - and our criminal law specialists are dedicated to providing the safeguards and peace of mind that businesses require in this crucial area.

Managing the risks of criminal liability and fraud

Most businesses face two distinct types of risk related to criminal law. These are the criminal liability risk and the fraud risk. Both these risks are very real for any business. Managing them sometimes requires a multi-competency approach. Regularly working alongside other professionals (environment coordinators, (fraud) auditors, accountants, risk managers, IT-specialists,…) we have a wealth of experience in helping clients manage and mitigate their exposure to these risks.


When litigation occurs, we have substantial experience and expertise in advising and assisting clients in resolving all forms of business related disputes that fall under criminal law.

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